A 24 hour and cash only restaurant that I have not paid a visit for years. The restaurant has not changed. The waitresses still wear those dated green polo top and plaid skirt uniforms from 10 years ago.

The bottom of the menu says the meals above comes with a hot drink. They charge an extra buck for cold drinks and two bucks for boba drinks.

Chicken Wings with Fries 雞翼薯條 $6.75

Their chicken wing with fries were not as oily as I expected! The wings were quite salty though, but they are pretty decent size. A good snack, especially when it comes with a drink. Not bad.

Pork Chop Shanghai Noodle 上海炸豬扒麵 $7.95

Soy Beef Tenderloin Chow Mien 幹炒牛柳絲牛麵 $7.95

I would not recommend the chow mien. We didn’t touch it much. It was a plate of oily noodles…

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