This place is pretty famous. The first time I had one was when a friend brought one back to Ottawa for me after his weekend getaway. They have line ups outside to sit in their crowded and dated restaurant. Over the summer one time with three friends, we weren’t allowed to grab a table for 4 till our fourth friend got to the door with us. Busy busy! The restaurant was crowded and rushed; we ate our food pretty quickly and left because of the pressure.

I do agree with the reviews regarding the staff’s attitude being a little under. Even though the staff ran about the store like this was their second home, they do carry an air of just finish eatting already and get out. But their smoked meat sandwich is delicious! The meat in the front window is mouthwatering.

Smoked Meat Sandwich $6.15 and a Cott’s black cherry cola $1.90

Their newly open shop side beside their resturant is pretty convenient. During my last visit, I bought some sliced smoke meat to take home. The packages were travel made ready, but my past few pre-made smoked meat sandwiches were better than making my own.

When you go, definitely grab a smoked meat sandwich for lunch. They are huge! Try the black cherry cola, it’s my favorite!

Here is their sit in menu.

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