Hello hello everyone! As my food album “to post on blog” folder pile up to the neck… I realize now that blogging is really not for me right now. I just don’t have enough spare time to pick up this hobby. Thank you so much for dropping by, I will just use my foodspotting http://foodspotting.com/nicoleli site to share photos instead. And if you are a friend, you know I have 2.5 food photo albums going on… that’s almost 500 pictures!

There are so so so many great Vancouver blogs out there, it’s going to be one awesome summer scouting new eats! Like today I had dim sum in Richmond then ramen on Robson, and I know Thursday is a visit to Gastown’s Meat and Bread for me!  I’m sad to not be able to share with you my experience through this blog, but I hope you have a great adventure and eat on Foodies!

Good Bye!

Pick Two items from Menu Combo $8.95 

Alleluia Cafe 歡欣餐廳 (previous Alleluia entry)  Combo comes with your choice of fries/rice/spaghetti and sauce (garlic in the picture), also comes with soup and drink.

Alleluia Cafe 歡欣餐廳 on Urbanspoon

I know I’ve been MIA, even my sister has been telling me to update for a week. I wish I can tell you I’ve been busy studying, but I haven’t actually started. Instead, I’ve been pigging out, catching up with family and friends and just enjoying life!

Parker Place definitely have lots of great cheap eats! I have been away for more than a year, so Parker Place definitely have a few new eats that I need to try out. That’s what summer is for right?  Night market, boba tea with friends, all you can eat… 

Panned Fried Pork Vietnamese Sub with a Hot Drink $3.95 

Yesterday I had the pan fried pork Vietnamese sub that everyone has been telling me about! The pork sub was only $3.95 with tax and comes with one hot beverage. I ordered the  港式奶茶 HK style milk tea and my sister got the  鴛鴦 coffee with tea (which is a mixture of milk tea and coffee). Next trip I am going to try their fish sub! Woohoo, more food.


It made me really thirsty though not long afterwards, maybe lots of MSG or something in Vietnamese sauce? I get thirsty eating pho too, maybe for same reason. The sub looked big but maybe because I was more hungry than I thought, I was still hungry after finishing one haha.

It was on a toasted sub bun with the regular Vietnamese sub carrots, white daikons/radishes and cucumbers. A sweet sauce is spread on the pork fillet. Nom nom nom. So this was from Lai Taste at the Parker Place Food Court. It’s across from the Pearl Castle bubble tea store. Hope you find it!

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Passion Fruit and Mango Calpis with Tapioca $4.49 + 0.50
168 Tea Shop (204 Queen St West, Toronto, ON) Menu/Prices on their site! 

Passion Fruit and Mango Calpis with Tapioca $4.49 + 0.50

168 Tea Shop (204 Queen St West, Toronto, ON) Menu/Prices on their site! 

On Monday I was at the Student Union Building at UBC again hoping to find some cheap eats that will not be disturbing to eat in class if I didn’t finish it in my 10 minutes of free time. Yes, I found my cheap eats with only a $5 bill again!

cheap eats of the day:

Honour Roll Sushi miso soup $2*  steaming hot, full of seaweed and tofu. It was just perfect!  Seeing this picture makes me want to grab a chopped scallop roll tomorrow. I love how there’s no line at half past noon.

Delly half a Italian sub $3* 

The Italian sub might not that stuffed, but it was enough since I also had my hot miso soup. It few slices of ham and salami, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, and mustard. All together the two was 5 bucks flat. We should really eliminate pennies and show after tax prices on the shopping racks! 

Got to love the Delly and Honour Roll, grab and go service is so fast.

Anyways, I got lots of delicious food pictures to share soon! I had shanghai steamed dumplings, chicken wings, fish soup noodle… past two days. Food pictures are piling up faster than I can go through them! Bye for now.

*after tax

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Delly on Urbanspoon

Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar (Vosges Chocolate)  $7.50USD 45% Deep Milk Chocolate with hickory smoked uncured bacon + Alderwood salt.

Bread Trays while we chat and wait for our drinks and appetizers. They don’t have peach or pear cider, but they do have apple! There’s wine, beer, pop, ice tea and hot tea.

West Coast Dungeness Crab Cakes $13  At first sight, I thought this was very deep fried looking. But when I bit into it, the breaded outer part wasn’t heavy at all. The crab cakes were very tasty.
Moules et Frites $11 Mussels & fries, white wine reduction, garlic, onions, tomato, chives, truffle aioli   The fries were so crispy! The mussels is a good light appetizer, makes you want more once you start.
Braised Beef Brisket Sliders $12  mm mm mm, this looks delicious. I didn’t try it, but I bet the hungry guys were happy to start off with this, especially since there was some delay till our main course arrived (but the staff informed us that something happened in the kitchen, so knew what was happening).
You can check out their breakfast and lunch menus too on the Mariott hotel link above. Dress code is casual.
I had a great Friday catching up with my family over dinner. Even though the restaurant was fully booked that night (I overheard the staff that they were only doing walk-ins and couldn’t take reservation when I came in), our server had the best attitude and was polite throughout the night. The restaurant is at a convenient location and finding parking was easy. And I’ll blog about my entrée and dessert later on!

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I have erased the names on the packages, but can you still guess what fruits these tools are used on?  :)

I have erased the names on the packages, but can you still guess what fruits these tools are used on?  :)

Just a quick share tonight since it’s late, but I’ll have an upcoming post of my dinner tonight at American Grille (hopefully my pictures aren’t blurry). The lamb  was great tonight! 

Rye Bread Sandwich for only $2.90   Chocolate Milk $0.75

Anyway, so there I was at the Student Union Building on UBC campus with only 10 minutes to spare. I knew I had to plan ahead and chow down something even though I wasn’t hungry then. I walked by Sprouts coffee shop with their huge lineup for free appreciation lunch when you bring your container (I didn’t have a container, that and I had no time boohoo) and the new Korean store that sells 7 buck rice bowls before reaching the oldie, but goodie, Delly store!

Just when I thought I had to sacrifice either a drink or a meal to get something under $5. I see a lady reach in the fridge for this delicious Rye Bread Sandwich for only $2.90! There was ham, tomatoe, cheese, pickle, mustard and mayo in it. I know everything is more expensive now. Com’on, my old chemistry classmate bought that chocolate milk everyday during our first year chem class for $0.50 few summers ago. There’s always that fresh sandwich bar at Delly too where they make your order on the spot for about $5 too. Anyways, I was happy to get my quick mini-meal for four bucks flat. The best part is these aren’t distracting food for other students in class! Give it a try instead of the room filling hot food or that annoying crunchy apple.

Oh Delly store, it’s good to see you again.

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Izumi-Ya is a pretty regular take out place for me. They have a self serve sitting place if you are in a rush. You can find all sorts of Japanese snacks, meat, sauce and such. There’s also a chocolate shop that’s inside here to check out, but maybe more about that next time. It’s a big Japanese owned warehouse-like supermarket that’s clean and well lit.

Best of all, their ready to go meal are reasonably priced! As much fun eating on the street at one of those Vancouver street carts are (unless it’s raining…which of often in Vancouver), street cart food is not cheap! At Izumi-Ya I can grab food, heat up my food using their microwave and have a place to sit down. I know I know, I’m comparing it with downtown eats, but Izumi-Ya is still a win for me.

BC Roll $3.45

Their BC roll is my pretty recent new favorites! I use to always just stay in my comfort zone by getting the chicken teriyaki rolls, but their BC rolls are awesome. They ran out one time and I tried one of their house rolls and it was just not as good. There’s the usual cucumber and salmon. The lemon juice is what makes it appetizing and I love getting to the grilled piece of crunchy fish skin. 

In their big fridge, they have legit ready to go rice bowls $5.25, chirashi sushi bowls $6.45, sushi and rolls $3.75+, onigiri $1.30, bento boxes, takoyaki… Their BC Rolls are one of their good ones.

If you can’t decide and there’s BC Rolls, grab one and give it a try! I’ll tell you about other nomnoms I buy from here another time.

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